Thursday, December 6, 2012

Confessions of a Golf Addict

Inspired by a conversation with a non-golfing friend last week, who has never seen the "point" of playing golf and as a nice segue into introducing myself through the ESG network, I thought I would share my feelings towards this great game.... 

When I was asked to partner with the Eat Sleep Golf network, it was a no brainer. Not only do I eat and sleep golf, but I drink it, gym it, write it, breathe it, fantasize about it, play it, and find that my life often to a scary point is purely for it…Have Golf? Will travel!

For I am a self-confessed golf-aholic and I will never be cured! There are no 12 steps for me to follow. There is no serenity prayer for me to learn (apart from the ode to golf of course). Nor is there a patch or gum to cure me of my affliction…But frankly my dear, do I look as if I give a damn?!

As we enter the cold, dark days of this winter, I begin to find myself with sweaty palms and uncontrollable shakes as I fear if I will be able to survive until next year’s golf season. Already, I write this now with butterflies in my stomach, my left leg jiggling with my mind racing full of dreams and goals for 2013, and an anticipation for the winter to be over so I can get back out on the track to get my fix.

Fellow golfers, I think will know what I am talking about. But for those of you who have not yet been ‘bitten by the bug,’ then you may just think that I am just stir-fry crazy. However, do allow me the opportunity to try and explain how the game can draw you in, spit you back out, and leave you craving and wanting more!

It is my belief that golf can truly be an addiction and like any drug, it can leave you with an empty bank account, troubled relationships, disappointed or mentally drained. But, all that is worth it for the high and the endorphin rush you feel when hitting that long straight drive, striking the ball with perfection, winning your first tournament, achieving your lowest scoring round ever or even hearing that ball rattle into the back of the cup for an eagle.

Every golfer has his or her special reason why they love golf. For me, it’s more than just a game. I find the sport so spiritual as I strongly believe it truly is a metaphor for life. In fact, a round of golf is a life lesson in itself. It builds character, by putting yourself at your most vulnerable in front of others. It teaches you to visualize the future by seeing the ball going towards the hole in your mind’s eye. You learn to accept not so great situations that are not your fault, such as when that perfectly hit shot bounces sideways into the sand trap…And it helps you drive yourself forward by letting go of the past, when one walks off the last played hole scoring a crowd-pleasing, 9!

And that is just for starters!!!! Now bring in the camaraderie when playing with friends…The competitiveness when you are in a tournament and your nerves are at their most raw..The pursuit of mastering perfection in an imperfect game…The satisfaction and joy when you achieve what you set out to do, and even down to the plain old fact that you are outside in God's great room for 4.5 hours rain or shine…Lets not also forget about the fabulous golfers tan that gives you the white forehead, the permanent white socks, and the unmistakable Michael Jackson one glove look!!

Still haven’t convinced you? Well, then my final reasoning is that when it comes to addictions, it’s quite a healthy one. Not only that, it’s a great excuse to leave the chores until tomorrow and go out and enjoy mother nature followed by a few beers with your mates!

Got a golf addict in your life or are one yourself? Would love to hear your stories and thoughts on the game that you are willing to share. Here are five top warning signs that this beautiful game has you hooked.
              You take your own putter to play mini golf.
              All of your pants have tees in the pockets.
              One hand is clearly more tanned than the other.
              When traveling, you are more excited to see a golf course than unusual wildlife.
              You are known to practice and work on your swing in the middle of conversations

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12 Days of Golfmas Contest

To celebrate the holidays, Here at Eat Sleep Golf we wanted to give you the opportunity of filling your stocking a little bit fuller this year by giving you the chance to win some golf goodies, courtesy of Golfsmith and Golf Town.
Our contest Eat Sleep Golf – 12 Days of Golfmas is giving away over $1,000 in golf prizes. Prize packs include (1) Puma High Performance Polo Golf shirt + (1) Dozen Srixon Tour Yellow Golf Balls + (1) Cleveland 588 RTX CB Wedges!
The contest runs from December 1st to the 12th with an opportunity to “Caption the Photo” with a new photo upload each of the 12 contest days. You can enter once per day, so click on the link in the sidebar, get your imagination juices running and good luck!!