Saturday, September 15, 2012

Golfing with Graeme McDowell and Guinness Black Lager

This past Monday I had the opportunity to play golf with Ryder Cup European team member Graeme McDowell at The Glen Club in Glenview. My new friends at Guinness Black Lager and Graeme were our hosts for the day, where we were treated to 18 holes of championship golf on one of Chicagoland’s best courses.

The outing format was quite unique and featured many gimmick holes throughout the round, including our 17th and 18th holes – played entirely in the dark. Aided only by glow sticks in the fairway and surrounding the green, we were tasked with launching a glow-in-the-dark golf ball toward an illuminated flagstick. Following the round, Graeme invited us back to the 17th tee for an impromptu ‘closest-to-the-pin’ contest’.

Forever the opportunist, McDowell showed us all how this game should be played and stuck his shot to three feet.

Guinness Black Lager is a new lager that perfectly combines the refreshing taste of lager with the unique character and flavor of Guinness. The Guinness Master Brewers have used the finest lager hops, yeast and traditional cold brewing methods, with their signature roasted barley, to create a truly original black lager with deliciously distinctive flavor and deeply refreshing taste.

The deep, dark color of the beer is one that tradition Guinness fans will recognize and have grown to love. However, this is not your grandfather’s stout beer. Instead, Guinness Black Lager is a cool, refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed year-round and especially on the golf course.
The taste is also unique: light and crisp from the start, quickly revealing a subtle sweet malt and roast character with a pleasant slight hop finish that invites the next sip. Overall, a taste that is uniquely flavorful yet deeply refreshing.

Guinness Black Lager retails for just over $8 a six-pack is available nationwide and can be found wherever Guinness products are sold.

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