Monday, January 7, 2013

Swing Trust Oil: The Sweet Smell of Success?

As golfers, we are fully aware that this beautiful game involves many aspects, and none is as important as what is actually going on between our ears while we play! Research has shown a definite connection between one’s mind and performance, and this mind-body connection is ever becoming the focus of many top-golfers. We all know that much of Tiger Wood’s earlier success is credited to his mental game, as well as his physical talents and skills, with Greg Norman being quoted that this was his crucial “15th Club”. But for us amateur golfers what is our solution, if we are not ready or have time to immerse ourselves into numerous Self-Development books, Sport Psychologist sessions, NLP, hypnosis, and/or even a new religion to help calm our first-tee jitters and stay in the moment for those pressure 3-foot putts? Well Swing Trust may just be the answer for us mere mortals to give us that competitive edge through natural focus and confidence.
Now before I continue, I would like the audience, especially our male readers, to keep an open mind, and yes, the pun was definitely intended. For Swing Trust is an aromatherapy solution that claims with its proprietary blend of essential oils will produce confidence, tranquility and focus…But before I lose you, I want to admit that I was as dubious as the next person, that such a claim could be plausible wafting some smelly concoction under my nose. But through personal experience that I will explain shortly, I was positively and shockingly surprised that it actually did work, and although I haven’t been able to use it on the course as yet due to the wintry New York climate, I can’t wait to try it out under tournament conditions.
The Swing Trust Oil comes in a neat little package, which reminds me of a tiny hip flask, that can be attached to a key ring or anything else to keep it conveniently located. By simply unscrewing the lid, you waft the contents under your nose for a few seconds taking in a pleasant smell that hits the back of your nose nicely, and it seems to kick in immediately.
To test the product to its fullest, I decided to evaluate the claims, just before I had to perform a presentation in front of an uncomfortable amount of people for my day job. No matter how much I rehearse my presentations and absorb the content, I always find myself just before the sessions with a stomach containing one butterfly too many, sweaty palms, and a mind that fills with fears that always hinders my delivery and my performance to give my best presentation I can. In effect, the same feeling as I get when just about to tee off for a golf tournament. Now, whether it’s a Placebo effect or just purely by the slow breathing as I inhaled the contents of Swing Trust Oil, I did sense immediately a level of calmness and clarity. In fact, the first time I inhaled, I laughed in disbelief that a relaxing feeling was coming over me…All I can say is that I delivered my best presentation thus far, feeling completely in the moment and focused throughout the speech, as the empowering fusion of essential oils gave me some unfounded confidence.
I have told my friends and colleagues about the Swing Trust product, and my experience with it, and of course, I have enjoyed the banter and judgment that has come of it, but it has been a great conversation starter. Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, so if you are looking to improve your mental game, then I would recommend getting rid of some of that stinky thinking by giving the Swing Trust Oil a chance, and start enjoying the sweet smell of success!
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