Thursday, February 21, 2013

SwingTIP - Your Mobile Swing Analyzer

Although frustrating, I do find forced into an off-season due to weather during the winter months incredibly beneficial. It allows me, without excuse, the time and focus to return back to basics, and tweak my swing without the pressure of working on it between rounds in the summer months. However, just hitting endless balls week after week at the range, without any real measure to show if the effort is having a positive effect, can be meaningless. But I have found that the SwingTIP device by Mobiplex has proven to be a great solution to help bring objective and focus to range time. This is because SwingTIP provides real time analysis of every swing, allowing you to quickly identify faults and provide feedback if your self-prescribed (But it is highly recommended they should be from an instructor) fixes are working.

SwingTIP is a lightweight Bluetooth device that attaches to any golf club. Pair up the device to the free download application on your Smartphone and within seconds of taking a swing, you are presented with a digital reproduction of your swing that can be viewed at 3 different angles. The application also captures valuable information such as clubhead speed, swing path, club face angle, impact zone and tempo. One can then use this data in real time to begin identifying faults or improvement opportunities that  you can then begin to work on. This really makes your time at the range as effective as possible as you focus on adjusting, correcting and learning how to repeat what it feels like to make that great swing over and over. Once your session has completed, you can then sync the data to your personal account at and admire your improved stats and how you have begun to develop some consistency in your swing.

One of the features I really enjoy about this product is the ability to compare your swing with a PGA Pro, and by a single click how you are directed to instruction tips specific to your swing to help modify your technique.

From a personal perspective, I have really enjoyed using SwingTIP. My main focus for this off season is to develop a repeatable tempo, and generate some additional clubhead speed for those extra valuable yards for the new season. Already after only a few sessions with this device at the range, I have been able to recognize that I am in fact ‘toeing’ my drives with an outside-to-in downswing. With a few minor adjustments to my set-up, a slightly looser grip, and slowing down my backswing fractionally, I have been able to increase clubhead speed and find that sweetspot on my driver more often than not.

A few modifications
thanks to SwingTIP
and increased clubhead speed
and finding the Sweetspot!
To summarize then, I highly recommend this product. It’s great value for money and the analysis and feedback you receive really allows you to hone in on your technique at the range. The device is quick and easy to clip onto any of your clubs, and it is incredibly lightweight so you do not feel it on your club as you swing. I do also recommend purchasing a couple of additional brackets that are on offer to help you move from one club to another quickly. I am also impressed with the upload time of the data after you swing, which really is a matter of seconds.

Finally, I would also like to say that the customer support is second to none. I had to contact them on numerous occasions due to delivery issues at my apartment building, etc. The response and their service really was outstanding, which backs up the superior quality of this product and the company that developed it.

For more information, please visit SwingTIP’s official website at

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