Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Golf Channel: Feherty and The Haney Project

As the PGA Tour now rotates this week into it's Florida Swing, starting at the Honda Classic hosted at the fantastic PGA National Golf Resort in Palm Beach Gardens, I am finding myself even more glued to the sofa watching the Golf Channel. As part of my training for the new season through the power of TV, I am very much hoping that the skills of these top players will diffuse into me as I sit and watch them making their way around the famous Bear Trap, holes 15-17, on the PGA National Championship Course! :-)

Of late, the Golf Channel's coverage of these great events has gone from strength to strength, and I am really enjoying their current programming lineup. Last Monday saw the new season of “The Haney Project” with Michael Phelps as his new student. The first episode delightfully set the scene as we saw this great Olympian beginning to realize how much devotion and effort is going to be required to improve his game. It made me smile to see this incredible athlete openly confessing that he was feeling tired and will be sore in the morning, after going through Hanks infamous first stage in his training method. Our passionate leader here at ESG had an unique opportunity to interview them both a few weeks ago which he summarized in the fantastic article The Haney Project - Michael Phelps

Feherty is another great program and this season’s kick-off interview was with arguably the greatest golfer of all time, Jack Nicklaus. David with his distinctive unique sense of humor and candid openness makes him a great interviewer and entertainer. As a viewer, you really feel the close bond he creates with all that he meets, and how he can bring out the honesty and sincerity from even the most reticent golf personalities. After every interview, one really feels closer and gain more of an understanding of the golf celebrity interviewed.

Couple these two great programs, with the PGA, LPGA, Champions, and Tour coverage, the recently revamped Morning Drive, and the plethora of other top programs on the schedule, then you will find and understand why the Golf Channel is TV's fastest-growing network. 

So be sure to reserve your Monday nights, set-up the DVR, kick back and enjoy watching Michael Phelp's progress on the Golf Channel at 9.00PM (ET) followed immediately by Feherty at 10.00PM (ET)

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